Defined muscles signify overall health and physical fitness. They represent dedication and hard work. A lot of people aim to have them; however, most of them have no idea what to do to obtain or maintain muscle definition. The technique is not purely about performing 100 bicep curls daily or setting muscle workout session for two hours. The formula is actually balanced diet (which includes nutrition before and after workout) and proper workout programs for strength training.

Athletic man and woman with a dumbells.

Begin Lifting

You need to aim at working every muscle group for a couple of times every week. A basic strength training program includes a day to work on the lower body, upper body days and whole body. You can carry out 4 to 8 exercises at 12 repetitions for three times per session.

Make some Changes

As you start to notice improvements in physical and performance results, you need to make a change in your workout like increasing weight and repetitions. With this, the progress will be maintained ensuring that your body will not start to deviate or hit a plateau.

Increase Strength

Body builders train themselves by focusing on increasing their strength on compound exercises. The muscles tend to grow as you overload them and increasing the repetitions and weight consistently on exercises such as dead lift, squat, bench press, weighted pull up, weighted dip, military press and barbell row are great to increase size.

If you prefer to follow the natural route to build muscles, you should not go to the gym and perform the same routine every day. The body will be able to adjust to the overload you place on it without letting your muscles grow. You must challenge yourself and do the craziest supersets and drop sets to let your body grow. Keep in mind that you muscle growth only takes place with pain. Click here to access an effective body building program.

Perform Cardio

For sure, you want to stay away from fat layer hiding the muscles you are trying to building. You have to perform between 75-150 minutes of cardio per week. Look for something that you love doing to make you sweat, like running or biking.


Don’t Shut Carbs Off Totally

Carbohydrates provide you energy and are necessary in building muscles. Whole grains must be incorporated into your diet.

Consume Protein After Workout

Ideally, you need to consume some kind of protein within thirty minutes following your workout. You can eat some type of lean protein as a snack or consume a protein shake. Protein is import for muscle building and recovery.



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