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Mi40 Review – Twice the Gains. Really?


If you are interested in bodybuilding then this Mi40x review is for you. It contains everything you need to know about the Mi40 program including what it is, the pros and cons and what the system contains.

What is the Mi40 Workout?

Mi40 is a muscle building program designed to accelerate your muscle gain using a special kind of training that emphasizes on maximizing muscle tension in order to stimulate more muscle fibers. Ben Pakulski, the guy behind the program asserts that it helps you “build twice the muscle in half the time”. According to Pakulski, keeping the muscle directly under tension gives you more control over the growth rate of that muscle. The basic idea of this technique is to optimize the angle of pushing or pulling, in order to specifically target a particular area for maximum muscle growth. It also teaches a technique called NOS (Neurological Overload Set) which involves training to total fatigue.

What does Mi40 stand for?

mi40 results“Mi” stands for Mass Intent and 40 is the magic number in this system for a number of reasons. Mass Intent represents the conscious attempt to create tension in muscles during a workout. The number 40 applies to all aspects of your training under this system: 40-day program, 40 seconds sets, 40 seconds rest between sets, 40-minute workouts, 40-day meal plan and 40 different foods. Mi40 seeks to exploit the scientifically proven significance of the number 40 in virtually every aspect of muscle building from workout length, rest period, and set length among other variables.

Who is Ben Pakulski?

Of course, at this point you must be wondering who this guy is and what makes his advice any more valuable than that on countless fitness blogs out there. Ben Pakulski is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and former Mr. Canada competition winner. Other notable achievements of his include 2012 FLEX Pro runner-up, 11th place at 2012 Mr. Olympia and runner-up in the 2013 Arnold Classic competition. He claims to have had a passion for nutrition since 12 years of age, and has been seeking the perfect training routine through trial and error and consultation with health experts and athletes for 14 years. Additionally, Ben has a degree in Kinesiology and Biomechanics so he knows one or two things about muscle functioning and movement. Ben describes himself as a person who loves to make the people around him better.

Does Mi40 Work?(The Ultimate Mi40 Review Question)

mi40 review resultsThis system is based on sound scientific principles. Most customers’ Mi40 reviews speak positively about this program. Many claim to have gained over 15 pounds in less than 4 weeks, which indicates that Mi40 is the real deal. Of course, the most outstanding evidence that it works is Mr. Pakulski himself. He is one of the world’s top 15 bodybuilders and he got there by applying Mi40. This system has changed the lives of many people who had been frustrated by other programs. The results are dependent on various factors including genetics and commitment, but the short answer to this all-important question is Yes, Mi40 works.

Pros of Mi40

– Easy to learn-the Mi40 package comes with DVDs, PDF guides and daily printable meal plans that are easy to use. The concepts are broken down into easy to understand steps, so you won’t be left scratching our head.

– Mi40 increases the efficiency of your workout by showing you the correct way to do each exercise. Rather than lifting heavy weights, this technique encourages the trainee to focus on feeling the muscle movements and muscle tension, which are the key factors to hypertrophy.

– The concepts of this system can easily apply to other programs. If you try Mi40 and feel convinced that you are not cut out for it, then you can borrow one or two aspects and use them to improve another training technique.

The Cons

– It requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. You will need to take time off your busy schedule or sacrifice some TV time and hit the gym. In addition, you will need to stick to stipulated meal plans. If you stay dedicated however, you are likely to be rewarded handsomely.

-This program is not for the faint-hearted. It will push your body to the limit and you will be expected to work extra hard. It gets quite uncomfortable, as it will require you to change the way you trained in the past completely. However, commitment to work through discomfort is an important pillar for any workout program and it is basically what it takes to crack Mi40.

Our Verdict on mi40

The positive aspects of this program far outweigh its downside. It is impressively put together by a professional who possesses a rare combination of brains and athletic prowess. Its only con is that it requires incredible commitment to see through, but this is in line with the ultimate workout mantra, “No Pain, No Gain”. Mi40 is right up there with the most effective workout programs ever devised and represents great value for money. As I draw to the conclusion of my Mi40 review, I say “hats off” to Ben Pakulski for delivering such an awesome training program.


Introduction to One of the Best Workouts

If none of your intentions to gain any muscle worked so far, it might mean a thing or two. All of those protein pills and cutting-edge hyper workout never seem to make their magic on your body? I can tell you that you have been looking into the wrong direction all of this time.

What are you talking about?

I am talking about the routine that will forever change the way you workout. Created by the well-known bodybuilder Ben Pakulski (winner of the 2008 Mr. Canada competition), I would like to unravel his secret (and many others that had the confidence of following this): the MI40 workout.


What is mi40?

The title of the workout sums everything perfectly: Mass Intent. In other words, you are destined to gain a substantial muscle weight by correctly following the workout. “Forty” is no more than the number of days required to get the body you always wanted. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, putting the muscles in motion will make you realize it is more than a dream. It is a real, sustainable workout that will irrefutably make you bigger.

How does this work?

Unlike the normal workout where you are used to lifting bigger and bigger weights, in the hopes of getting bigger and bigger, Mass Intent works more with a system called “muscle tension”. The creator, Ben Pakulski states that you “can build as much muscle using a 20 lb. weight as you can using an 80 lb. Weight” (statement source: Wikipedia) by putting your muscles under pressure more.


But what if I do not have the time?

Yes, time is of the essence for everyone in this world. But remember that number from the workout’s name? It also means how much time you will be spending in a day. So, with just 40 minutes of careful exercise, those muscles you always desired will not be hidden under a pile of fat anymore! It is ideal you respect each and every step of the program in order to get maximum results.

If you need any additional details, you can order the program itself. It offers loads of material from which you can learn how to get bigger, get stronger and keep it that way. Bought the full workout material but still think this thing isn’t for you? No problem! There is a 60 day full money refund for the unsatisfied. But still, with this quality of exercise, I can assure you that there will be no looking back after it has been tried.

Review: Getting Fit with MI40

Although summer is coming to an end, this doesn’t mean that you should give up attaining your beach body. Appearance is extremely important in today’s society and it is a good idea to look your best, regardless of the time of year. Although many people struggle to lose weight and get fit, others have found unique and effect ways to achieve this. Of course, it is always important to start with the basics. Remember that you need to burn more calories than you take in. This usually includes eating a good diet that is low in calories and working out regularly. Although this combination will get you on the right track, there are other ways to speed up the process. For instance, you may want to consider finding and follow a strict exercise regimen. This MI40x program review will take a look at the MI40 programs and help you determine whether or not this program will help you burn calories quickly.

Review: Getting Fit with MI40

Cutting Edge

Many workout programs are designed to help individuals lose weight. Although the MI40 program will do this, it will also help you gain muscles. As a matter of fact, this problem is specifically designed around building muscles. There are many reasons why people are unable to build muscles. For starters, many people have a habit of grabbing the heaviest weights that they can find. This is never a good idea and can get you hurt. Following a bad diet can cause your body to retain more fat than muscle. This is where this specific program shines. It is specifically designed to create muscle tension and build muscles.

NOS and Intent

You may be wondering what sets this program apart from the rest. The biggest aspect that makes this program so successful and effective is the combination of NOS and Intent. The program sets you on the path to muscles, by first exploding NOS to overcome the plateaus and help the body successfully build muscles. The Intent is a little different. It helps you to prevent risks by allow you to safely exhaust your muscles, without hurting yourself.


Included Items

This specific program is definitely well worth the value of the price. When you purchase the MI40 workout program, you’ll receive an Intelligence training manual, consumption nutrition manual and step-by-step videos that last more than seven hours. These videos are very complex and each is focused on a specific group of muscles. For instance, one of the videos will help you build your abs, while another focuses on the chest.

Perfect Steps to Achieve Muscle Definition

Defined muscles signify overall health and physical fitness. They represent dedication and hard work. A lot of people aim to have them; however, most of them have no idea what to do to obtain or maintain muscle definition. The technique is not purely about performing 100 bicep curls daily or setting muscle workout session for two hours. The formula is actually balanced diet (which includes nutrition before and after workout) and proper workout programs for strength training.

Athletic man and woman with a dumbells.

Begin Lifting

You need to aim at working every muscle group for a couple of times every week. A basic strength training program includes a day to work on the lower body, upper body days and whole body. You can carry out 4 to 8 exercises at 12 repetitions for three times per session.

Make some Changes

As you start to notice improvements in physical and performance results, you need to make a change in your workout like increasing weight and repetitions. With this, the progress will be maintained ensuring that your body will not start to deviate or hit a plateau.

Increase Strength

Body builders train themselves by focusing on increasing their strength on compound exercises. The muscles tend to grow as you overload them and increasing the repetitions and weight consistently on exercises such as dead lift, squat, bench press, weighted pull up, weighted dip, military press and barbell row are great to increase size.

If you prefer to follow the natural route to build muscles, you should not go to the gym and perform the same routine every day. The body will be able to adjust to the overload you place on it without letting your muscles grow. You must challenge yourself and do the craziest supersets and drop sets to let your body grow. Keep in mind that you muscle growth only takes place with pain. Click here to access an effective body building program.

Perform Cardio

For sure, you want to stay away from fat layer hiding the muscles you are trying to building. You have to perform between 75-150 minutes of cardio per week. Look for something that you love doing to make you sweat, like running or biking.


Don’t Shut Carbs Off Totally

Carbohydrates provide you energy and are necessary in building muscles. Whole grains must be incorporated into your diet.

Consume Protein After Workout

Ideally, you need to consume some kind of protein within thirty minutes following your workout. You can eat some type of lean protein as a snack or consume a protein shake. Protein is import for muscle building and recovery.